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What People Say about me

Elian Sanchez
Real Estate Development Specialist

“Bahjat Halabi is a born salesman but most of all, he’s a magician of communication and closing. He’s someone that understand the word performance”

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William Saulnier​
Real Estate Broker

“Bahjat’s emotional intelligence is one of his greatest assets. His ability to find the strengths and weaknesses of everyone he works with is what makes him progress and succeed so well.”

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Felix Cotte​
Partner At Agency Six

”For the last 6 years we have worked in a partnership to launch more than 2000 units together. Not only has he sold hundreds of units by himself ,he also helped my agency acquire new skills with his coaching.”

Sonia Round (1)
Sonia Sultan​
Real Estate Broker

”Even after 16 years I still did not have a full grasp on how to genereate continus leads . Now I simply wake up to 3-5 qualified leads per day.
I would recommend Bahjat to any of my collegues ”

Colleen Ferguson
Team Leader

”Bob is a passionate professional that is focused on helping other realize their dreams. His coaching is focused on understanding his clients and collaborating and customizing each teams needs, in order to help everyone achieve the life they DREAM of 💭.

This young fellow is all ♥️   Heart and soul ! 

We highly recommend his coaching  ”

Tiff Round
Tiffany Theofilos​
ADHD Coach

”Bahjat Helped me nuture my list to maximise my ALREADY EXISTEN clientel . I am Grateful to have met him and to now understand how to organicly create a funnel to better serve my clientèle”